Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun, quirky and relaxing!

Here is another bedroom redo!
My oldest sister, Emily, and I talked about this for months before I could finally go to Austin! She already had a great paint color picked out, and we put our heads together for the rest. She wanted a fun, quirky but still relaxing look. Here's the result!

I love this canopy! We looked at lots of different ways to do it, but this was our favorite design. Emily is a great seamstress and whipped this out in no time!

Another angle. Look at the cute pillows Em picked out! I really like the curtains, too, but didn't get a very good picture of them. Whoops!
I had such a great time doing this with her!


Nathaniel and Bethany Roszhart said...

HANNAH BOSHART! You have SUCH a gift! Seriously...when I get a real home...I want you to come decorate it. End of story.

the nelsons said...

i love the canopy look. i remember us talking about you doing this a looong time ago. did yall use curtain rods? how did you hook it to the ceiling like that?

oh yeah..and i now follow your favorite blog, the simply beautiful or whatever it's called. i'm becoming a fan.

kitkat said...

i need you to come to my apartment...