Friday, October 2, 2009

What a week!

I always love it when people ask me to help them with creative matter what it is! There's a certain lack of confidence that comes with being creative, I think. Volunteering to do a project is scary because - what if they hate it? But if someone asks you to do it they trust you. Ahh, what a great feeling!


Here are two things I've gotten to make this week:

Grace Kelso's support card

Grace asked me to take pictures for her support card this past weekend, so we went on a picture-taking trip around downtown. Oh my goodness we got some great shots! It was so hard to narrow it down, but here are Grace's final pun intended. (and a few honorable mentions)

Front of card (above)

Back of card (below)
Honorable mention:

Laura's Birthday Invitation
Lou-Lou is having a Birthday Hoedown this weekend. This was the invitation that she passed out at school. We had a lightning photoshoot this weekend and came up with this idea! She is so sweet and asked her friends to bring a donation to The Arc of Dallas instead of a present. Get ready for more pictures of the party on Monday! We've been decorating like crazy.

So if those two aren't enough fun for one week:
Tonight is Laura's Birthday Hoedown, complete with hillbilly names, a hayride and dance lessons.
Saturday, bright and early, I'm driving down to Abilene to decorate Ashten's bedroom. I can't wait!

Watch for more pictures on Monday!

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Jenkins Jollity said...

Let me tell you lady, I am EXCITED!!! I really want Saturday to hurry but I am very glad you get to enjoy your sisters birthday!! See you Saturday :)