Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter party!

Yesterday we had an Easter/Birthday party for my grandparents and aunt. All (well, most) of our cousins came and we had a fun cook-out on our porch. It was so fun! This is a picture of some of the decorations. It was such a pretty day outside!!!
...have I mentioned that I can't wait for -consistent- warm weather?

Here is another shot of the porch before the party.
My mom loves to garden, so we always have lots of pretty plants!

The fire pit!
Lots of fun marshmallow roastings happen here.
I'm on a search for one of these...

Okay, and I just had to post this one. Haha!
Here are me and a few of my siblings (before the party), about to go on an egg hunt. None of the nieces and nephews could come this year, so we had to hunt the eggs for them!

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beccaellis said...

hated to miss it :-( I know you had a good time though.

I went to lunch at someone's house and then supper. I've eaten SO much today. -Good I needed to fatten up a little!