Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bedroom redo!

I get so excited when people ask me to do artistic things for decorating, in this case.

When my sister decided that it was time to buy new furniture and re-decorate her bedroom I jumped on the opportunity to help out! I love making rooms welcoming and comfortable.
She found a picture that she loved in a magazine, so we used it for inspiration.

Rebecca has always loved anything red, white and blue, so naturally we used those colors.
I took that picture (over the chair) of Becca and Mike on their vacation last year! They're so cute.

This is Becca's night stand. There's her hubby, Mike, in the picture, and we found this great bronze c-130 look alike - Mikes plane!


beccaellis said...

I love it!!!!

I bought another set of sheets Tuesday for the bed. I bought a navy blue set this time. I don't think they look quite as good as the white ones, but are SO soft. I will use the white normally.

thank you again for making my room such a wonderful comfortable place. I'm so blessed by you all the time.

Nathaniel and Bethany Roszhart said...

I love the bird cage/candle holders!!!